Two Minutes

An excerpt from this hour long drama that was shot over five days in Oxford. Directed for Italia Conti Academy this film loops the same two minutes and explores relationships through various perspectives.


Italia Conti Academy and Mark Street


Gemma Salter (Call The Midwife) Todd Stewart, Chris Nichol, Sarah Callyn, Gary Buckley, Rob Law, Lauren Phelan, Roxanne Saili, Gemma Nichols, Rachel Samson, Lesley Free, Rachel Hepworth, Bella Westgarth, Tariq Bhatti, Sam Alison, Max Warrick, Claire Jared, Sarah Langrish Smith, Julius Metson-Scott, Thelma Gudmunds, Luis Valentine, Luke Trebilocock, Vicky Holmes, Adina Barnett, Vincent Bernard, Carina Birrel
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