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It has been a long road and I have neglected this site favouring our other social networking sites. If you have been following us via Facebook and Twitter then you will be aware of our trip to South Africa, our crowdfunding campaign, sync pull, our edit, our new poster designs, new editors, composers and finally here we are about to go into our final edit and hopefully come out with a finished film. To your left, you can view our teaser that was put together to help promote our crowdfunding campaign. We raised nearly £20,000. Unfortunately, £20,000 doesn’t go far in this industry today but thanks to the generosity of not only friends and family but talented creatives who have given their time for free we have a film that has a production value well in excess of £20,000.

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Theatre of Survival (The Life and Times of The Space) – Feature documentary


In 1972 a young South African photographer decided to look for a bigger studio so his actor friends could do plays: he would name it The Space. The “slightly bigger studio” became a three floor building, which would evolve to become the first professional non-racial arts venue in South Africa and during it’s seven year reign win international acclaim and commission over 300 plays. It didn’t come without a price and the sacrifices were many. Through in depth interviews, archive footage of the time, Brian Astbury’s beautiful photos documenting life inside the theatre and underscored by the underground jazz and funk music that was happening at this time we aim celebrate The Space’s achievements and asks the question, “Can the arts be a force for change and what role does it play in today’s global community?”
Additional footage is being shot with Richard E Grant, James Ngcobo and Rufus Norris being the latest contributers to this amazing project.

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Georgie Maxim – Feature


“Georgie Maxim is exciting fresh, beautifully surreal and funny. It’s writer Mark Underwood has skilfully crafted an insane world inhabited by characters with real depth. It is ultimately a character driven piece with a strong female character at its heart, which is something we have worked at cultivating through the later stages of development. This story plunges you head first into a world of flashbacks, violence and fairies and the techniques we will use to tell this story promise to be ground-breaking in both its visual language and it’s casting”

In development

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