Interstitial Time

A quirky little look at the time we waste everyday. Our protagonist doesn't waste a minute and shows us just how much we could fit in to all those wasted hours spent waiting for computers to render, queues to diminish, the helpline to answer the bloody phone...

Having done the forty eight hour film challenge and enjoying the whole experience I thought to myself one year, why not just get a few people together and do it for ourselves. So I phoned around and a few friends answered the call. This film was written and shot over one weekend although admittedly with regards post production I had some help and gave myself some extra time: but it wasn't wasted.


Mark Street Film and Timebomb Pictures Ltd


Martin Isbister


A chance encounter between two women changes their lives forever.


Mountview Academy Films Production


Suzie Power, Kylie Bates, Emilie-Louis Tomlins, Adam Shorey, Jaqui Summerville, Ebony Buckle, Michael Hayden

Two Minutes

An excerpt from this hour long drama that was shot over five days in Oxford. Directed for Italia Conti Academy this film loops the same two minutes and explores relationships through various perspectives.


Italia Conti Academy and Mark Street


Gemma Salter (Call The Midwife) Todd Stewart, Chris Nichol, Sarah Callyn, Gary Buckley, Rob Law, Lauren Phelan, Roxanne Saili, Gemma Nichols, Rachel Samson, Lesley Free, Rachel Hepworth, Bella Westgarth, Tariq Bhatti, Sam Alison, Max Warrick, Claire Jared, Sarah Langrish Smith, Julius Metson-Scott, Thelma Gudmunds, Luis Valentine, Luke Trebilocock, Vicky Holmes, Adina Barnett, Vincent Bernard, Carina Birrel

Music Video – Twenty Something

A cover of Jamie Cullum's song shot for Mountview Academy as part of their third year graduate's show reels.


Max Hoare (Maxwell James)


Mountview Academy Productions

Rufus Norris interview

Rufus Norris Interview

Interviewed Rufus Noris the future Artistic Director at The National for the documentary Theatre of Survival - The Life and Times of The Space. What could his connection be to a theatre that opened in Cape Town South Africa in 1972? The founder Brian Astbury, who also founded Arts Threshold in the late eighties which he would later ask Rufus to take over after he was offered a job at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts where he would go on to inspire another bunch of young aspiring creatives one of which was me and so the story goes on... It was a great interview and he made us feel welcome. Thank you.